The Difficulty of Writing My Second Coffeehouse

May 15, 2011
By Anonymous

My second coffeehouse was truly difficult to write
I sat up thinking about what I would write about day and night
Writing my first coffeehouse was much more easy
A poem about the wonder that is California was so breezy
But now I am stumped on what I should write about
All of the frustration makes me want to scream and shout
Should I write about my brother? My home town? My life?
Or about my future, when I am somebody’s wife?
I don’t know, I’m really stumped
And now I am trying to get over this speed bump
But all of a sudden, it came to me
The idea of what to write filled me with glee
Writing a coffeehouse about the difficulty of writing
Yes! It was brilliant and very exciting
And now, I sit here, reading my work
And if you criticize it, then you are a jerk

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