The Two Paths

May 1, 2011
The two paths that would have never crossed intimately did. Forced, and creating a conjunction regardless of nature: the unnatural occurred. The aftermath was versatile in many ways, though the hapless was the definite result. The happy, fortunate days have relinquished--obliterated. Wait, what fortunate days? Were they really indeed "happy"? The strenuous hours pleading for a forgiveness which wasn't at your fault to begin with: all you wanted was a benign condolence from the one that you loved, simple as that. Was this, though, what the so-called "happy days" consisted of? There is no need of resentment.
In this Certain state of mind there remains a longing for a fraction of your demeanor, but in this reality sense, one cannot be dubious of what the issues will flourish into. For the truth is dear; a complication such as this will abolish the paradigm shift in your personal perspective, and who would want such a thing like THAT??

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