i know you're partyin' it up in heaven boy.

April 10, 2011
By Anonymous

we’re all torn apart, angry, and seeking revenge.
but that’s all we can be. nothing can change it.
tears soak the ground he once walked on.
we try to push them back though,
because we know he wouldn’t want to see us like this.
he’d want us to be smiling because there’s a heaven for a G.
family and friends walk up and make their heartbreaking speeches.
and we cry more. we cry until were all teared out.
we wish we could’ve done something to stop it.
memories flood our minds.
every single time we’ve talked to him
the way he was always smiling,
and it made others smile.
some of us remember him hustlin’ from day one.
others are reminded of him always joking around and lighting up a room.
a few remember the way his touch felt.
now me? I just picture him in a thugs mansion, livin’ it up nemie style.

r.i.p Nemo, we all love you, and you will never, ever be forgotten. <3

The author's comments:
a boy in my town was recently
brutally murdered. and he was
a friend of mine. and I love him
and will never forget about him.
rest in peace.
I know you’re partyin' it up in heaven.

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