Growing A Tree

April 4, 2011
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We, you and me
Planted this tree
From a tiny beige seed
To an enormous wonder

So why did the hatchet cut it down?
So much went into this majestic tree
And yet so quickly did it come crashing down

From the gentle loving touch that once planted it
To a sharp terrifying blade
Each time it chipped away from what was once magical

No longer do the bright green pastel leafs shine
No longer does the wind bump into the tree
There is no longer life where the tree was once adored
Because the very heart of the tree had been chipped away with the rest of it

But why would this happen?
The tree had done nothing wrong
If it did anything, it was give life to us

We, you and me
Planted this tree
And in our own ways
Chipped away at
Our growing tree

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