Creature of The Night

April 24, 2011
By NerdGirl18 GOLD, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
NerdGirl18 GOLD, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Elenor Roosevelt~

It is cold
My breath bursts in front of me
Looking like tiny clouds my breaths float up
Up to the moon
In the darkness I sense my pack
My family
We run together as one
One being
One soul
One element in this world of darkness
I can smell the world around me
The musky animal smell of my pack mates
The clean woody scent of the trees
The fresh cool scent of water
The open inviting smell of the wilderness
I hear the soft trod of the wolves around me
The crunch of the snow under our strong paws
My strong legs working to propell me forward into the inky blackness
I am a Timber Wolf
I am a creature of the night
I am the daughter of the Moon
I am a symbol of strength and beauty
I am a treasure

The author's comments:
I absolutely love wolves and i just had the urge to write about them

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