A Real Nightmare

April 23, 2011
He's self-centered and unkind -
He'll lie, cheat and play
And watch it all unwind,
Just to get his way.

He thinks of no one, only himself
He doesn't care that he hurts everyone else.
He's dirty and tricky
And just plain icky.

I don't understand what people see,
In this unrealistic beast -
He's the worst mistake you could ever make
He's primitive and insanely greedy.

He'll chase you till he has a hold
On you and all of your love.
Then he'll rip your heart right out of your chest
And wear it like a glove.

He'll stomp on your face,
Throw you down a staircase
And watch as you cry and weep.
It won't matter though, for as long as you cry,
He won't hear a single peep.

He has no heart.
He's hard to outsmart,
Unless you've been through his games.
He's colder than ice
And he's not very nice.
He's always the one you can blame.

Everything he does is to screw up your life.
Everything he does is filled with just lies.

He's hated by many,
He has no real friends,
He doesn't deserve any of them.
When he sweet talks, it's only pretend -
All he wants is an easy girlfriend.

He's evil, this boy.
So just stay away.
He's a real nightmare,
And he's coming your way.

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