This Storm

April 23, 2011
By , Greenwood, IN
I should have seen this coming,
Like the trees see the storm.
This storm had been brewing,
Building itself up.

1 month in and all was calm,
The love has just set in,
And I bask in the warmth
Of a lovers smile.

The second was as good as the first,
No clouds in the sky,
Starry nights,
They set the mood for now.

We've made it to 3,
But this isn't like before.
The winds are picking up,
And so do our voices in the middle of a fight.

Now at 4 it starts a climb,
Random twists,
The rain starts its patter at my feet.

One more month and I'm at a loss.
The skies are green,
The rain is gone.
Ill take the calm without complaints.

We've made it to six.
The hurricane comes rolling in,
Relentlessly attacking me from all angles.
I'm being enveloped in the cold.

Onto 7 and its no better than the one before.
Waves of emotion,
Beating down like the waves of the ocean.
We're getting swept away in different directions.

Month number 8 and I cant find you.
Where are you love?
You're never coming back to me.
So I lay here stranded, caught up in my tears.

I should have seen this coming,
I ignored it for too long
But now I'm lost,
And so are you.

8 months gone,
I cant get them back.
Precious memories are worthless,
And so are any thoughts of you.

I love you.
I loved you.
I hate you.
And still do.

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