I don't love you

April 23, 2011
By writer2012 BRONZE, Leesport, Pennsylvania
writer2012 BRONZE, Leesport, Pennsylvania
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I dont love you...
Her actions screaming,
Ringing in my ears,
Four words that broke me...

My soul,
To the tattered remains
Of my severed heart.

That relationship,
I LONGED for as a child,
Was truly slipping away...
It had been, all these years.

I just refused to break,
To let the hope die,
To accept the truth.
I had been blind, oblivious
To all of her lies.

She didn't love me...
Said indirectly,
directly proved.

I've seen myself grow up,
Realize the truth,
Mature to early
(In some ways).
I've seen myself rise,
Rise above the limits.

I've seen myself begin to live,
Move past the past,
Start new, Refresh myself.

I've seen MY-self,
Have you?

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