Glad Youre There

April 23, 2011
By Hollie1215 GOLD, Hadley, Michigan
Hollie1215 GOLD, Hadley, Michigan
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I’m sitting in a room with no one here
Just minding my business,holding back tears

And I’m remembering saying that you’ll be there for me
Should I trust you? Well it’s a possibility

So you should know that I'm counting on you
To be there when I'm sad and only trusting a few

I want you to be there to catch me when I fall
Better yet don’t let me fall and please try to stall

I hope you don’t go back on your word
I won’t forget it… It seems like it’s the only thing I heard

When you said you would always be there for me. That you’re concerned
To be there when I'm depressed and lonely trying to burn

Ha! Burn. Remember the day when I first tried it
I said. And you prayed. That it was something I would never recommit

But I saw the look on your face. That horrible expression I never knew you had
You looked like you did something wrong for me to burn myself, like you had let me down. You looked…Horrifically sad

I felt so horrible that I cried my self to sleep
You were the first person I told I let you in awfully deep

Now you say you’re going to be there for me
And that its 100% necessary

I'm just praying you don’t go back on your word, our promise.
Because I'm still afraid and you still insist

The bottom line is. I'm glad your there for me because I still scared
And I'm really glad that you actually care

The author's comments:
The poem explains its self

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