The Wish

April 22, 2011
By Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
Stitches SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
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Slowly, so slowly, I'm falling away
Losing myself, struggling to hold on
To stay inside the safety of his arms
Wanting nothing but to see his smile
No other could break me down,
Completely flatten me in a second.
Every word that I say the wrong way,
All the stupid things I’ve done to him
Fall on top of my head, my heart
My head aches, tears falling endlessly
Into the darkness of despair and fear
Something broke, pushed him away…

Please, let something bring him back,
Lay me in the warm embrace
He offered me so long ago, I’m afraid
The comfort of his words, his voice
I can’t stand any of this
Nothing has ever hurt this way…
Craving his touch, his heart
I wish I could take it back
Erase everything I said
All the things I did that hurt him
Oh, God, what have I done…?

His eyes, god… Those beautiful eyes
Promising everything I’ll ever need
Then it all falls apart before me
In front of me, the pain cuts deep,
And I wish I knew it another way
Something else that’ll make it fade…
Everything is nothing, I’m so lost
Not sure what to do now, what to say
What will I ever make things heal,
Make me whole and pretty again?
Force the heartache away, far away;
I wish I knew how to wing win him back…

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