Looking Depths

April 22, 2011
By Nyla114 GOLD, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Nyla114 GOLD, Eureka Springs, Arkansas
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“You will make a lousy anybody else, but you are the best you in existence. You are the only one who can use your ability. It is an awesome responsibility.”

Gazing all around,
Blinking with curiosity,
In every shape possible.

A swirling pool of blue,
Shimmering with trust and innocence,
A spark of mischielf under the colorful outside layer,
Lays waiting to shine though the purity of goodness.

A thunderstorm of gray,
Gathering likestorm clouds,
With mystery and compassion,
Contained with just the blink of an eye.

A haze of hazel,
Shifting round and round,
Wutg eagerness and tranquility,
Calming with one swift look.

A hedge of green,
An unbreakable force,
Of intelligence and passion,
Cooling the impluse to wrong.

All different colors,
Each has a different meaning,
All are unique.

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