Somewhere in the Middle

April 22, 2011

A journey lies ahead
For all teenagers today
A journey to adulthood
Our youth to kiss away.

But as we go on we find ourselves
at a truly awkward stage.
We're partially unripe, sketchy and crude
at this tender age.

We're old enough to make a choice
yet still young in many ways.
Too young to pack our bags and go
too old to want to stay.

Young enough for fun and games
too old for carefree lives.
Young enough for hopes and dreams
Yet for reality we strive.

Old enough for heartfelt pain
too young to find the cure.
Too old for childish ways of past
too young to be mature.

Old enough to fall in love
and give our hearts away.
But, still too young to understand
just why we feel this way.

We're trusted, loyal, proud and true
yet scolded, sneered and scorned.
Between the role of adult and child
We are somewhere torn.

Like an uncompleted work of art
We're awkward unsure half-baked
Be be patient please
For we're on our way
to becoming something great.

The author's comments:
I hope this inspires people to be anything they want to be.

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