April 22, 2011
By Anonymous

Am I the invisible man?
Someone who's just sitting there to listen?
The guy that could be called "one of the girls" because I get them, and they get me.
I'm sorry, but that ain't it.
They are the only ones I fit in with.
They don't want me to leave, but when it's just two of us they go, "No,no."
Does it hurt that I express my feelings to one of them since I like her?
One knows everything.
The other slowly gets information because she's the one I like.
The one I like is the one that really says, "No, no!"
the other one is just sick of me talking about her in most of our conversations.
I know I'm sort of obsessed, but I just don't want to see her get hurt again.
How can I get it to where she isn't like that anymore?
A trip where it would've been just the two of us was the perfect chance.
However, she says no to the trip. I don't know if it was her decision or if her parents were in on it, but I'm a little upset.
She could've saw the real me.
At school I have to hide some things because of embarrassment.
But with it being only us from our grade, and only a few others, she could've met the real me.
So I only wish I didn't feel like the invisible man, or the person who just listens and tells.
I just want to be me.

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