The Quickmix Cake

April 22, 2011
Baking a cake is easy
Though it makes me feel queasy
If I believe
i can achieve

First,choose the recipe
One that makes me happy
Then prepare the ingredients
To makes batter that's sufficient

Melt the butter with flavorings
Such as chocolate shavings
Next, pour the mixture over
the dry well in the center

Stir it with a wooden spoon
Until it is just combined soon
Eggs are then stirred in with a whisk
Please take care not ro overmix

The batter is now ready
Doesn't it smell lovely?
Onto the parchment paper
Then into the heat

Now,do you feel beat?
So, you should sit
While watching the cake rise
and give you a surprise

When out it goes
It is evenly toast
Cut yourself a slice
Hey, it is nice!

But,wait,you are forgetting
The delicious frosting
One of them is my favorite

So,you see baking is not that hard
You just have to be on your guard
By ensuring the right baking time
And making sure you remember this rhyme!

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