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April 28, 2011
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No paint brush or easel.
No crayons are pastels.
No musical notes or voices of sound.
Just pen and my paper
To explain to you
Just how much that I once loved you.
They say a picture is worth on thousand words.
Although my inability to draw
Just leaves me with this,
A one thousand word poem
to give as one last gift.
Not nine-ninety-nine
Nor one-thousand-one
Just one thousand words,
With seven stanza at that.
To explain my honest regret
that it all went south
So very, very quick.
There once was a time that
I would look you in the eye
Just to end up feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
But as I look back at this year in review
It truly is no surprise
That I left you.
Now don’t get me wrong
Part of me still loves you.
And chances are that small part
will always care a little for you.
I can’t begin to describe
The joy that I felt five years ago
When I found out you cared
Just as much as I did,
But as I sit here in the now
Alone in my loft
Writing to you explaining how I no longer
Love you that much anymore
It pains me to think of the forgotten love that I lost.

I want you to know that you are a perfect girl.
Your kind and your sweet,
Your modest not vain,
You have a smile
that can brighten Anyone’s day.
your beautiful
with a glance that can melt
just about any ones heart.
your funny with wit,
not the sarcastic kind.
you hold your own ground,
you fight your own fights.

And I know that it hurts
Its not easy on me
But please understand
Perfects not what I need.
Life tosses all kinds of curve balls
In the nine innings we live
And sometimes it’s better to go it alone.
Rather then drag you down
To where I might go.
You where always the strong one
You kept me alive
When I thought I would drown
From all the pain inside.
And now that I sit here
Alone in this room
I realize that I never really needed you.
And I know that it hurts,
For me to say that
Trust me in time you will begin to forget
The love that we had.
you realize in time
I'm not what you need
And that we were never truly meant to be.
Telling you the truth
is not easy on me
But with the truth in time you will understand
How easier it will end up on you.
so if I may ask a simple request,

please wake up each morning
and breath in and out.
simile even when you want to yell at the world,
and in time you will see
that you and I was never meant to last.
You will find a man,
Who is perfect for you,
And does all the things
I never could do.
He will stand by your side,
Through thin and thick.
Even when you don’t want him to
And care for you
More then I ever did.
He will be a good leader,
He will make you smile,
Even when you are sad,
And make sure you never cry again.
He will defend you when you need him
He will stand up for you,
Even when he knows you are wrong.
He will protect you,
When danger heads your way.
He will listen to every single word you say.
He won’t be controlling,
Or interfere with your life.
He will be understanding,
every time that you fight.
and He will give you a reason,
To wake up each day.
He will be your sun
In a dark cloudy sky.
And He will give you a reason to fight through the pain.

Don’t let what I’ve done
Destroy your life.
Love is still out there if you are willing to fight.
Remember a time not so long ago,
That we where together and happily in love.
That can happen again
Just not with me
So whatever you do
Do not become bitter
Love is still out there and possible to obtain
Just as long as you don’t let what I have done
Destroy your relationship with
With anyone else.
When you find that guy that I mentioned above
Don’t let him go because of a fear that he will leave.
In truth not every guy is like me.
And if it turns out that the next one is not the one.
Keep on looking for that one true love.
Please don’t let this poem be in vain.

Let the memory of us not be tarnished by this,
As much as it hurts remember a time
When we were happy young lovers
Enjoying are lives.
When you think of me rather than think of this
Remember the time when we shared
Are very first kiss.
Remember the nights we spent together.
And remember are fights,
And how we recovered.
And just because I left you alone,
Does not mean that
You must regret,
The past that we had.
Do your best to learn from all that we’ve had.

To see you again I probably will not.
I am moving on,
As so should you.
And always remember how sorry I am,
That I could never be the man you wanted me to be.
Let me say good bye one last time.
I know you will make it
You always have
I know me leaving, it hurts you a lot
And please understand
That this is not easy on me
To admit that
I no longer love you
As much as I did.
I have excuses aplenty
And reasons galore
but to tell you the truth
that’s not what you need.
You do not need a phony excuse from me.
I honestly regret.
That I'm no longer there
And to be truthfully honest
Still love you I do.
But not enough to still stand by you.

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