How Rude?

April 28, 2011
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Excuse me good person,
I don't mean to be a burden.
Allow me to hold open this door
I don't mind if my arms get sore.
Is that your nose stuck up so high in the air?
It's unbecoming of a ladies' nostrils to flare.
Pardon me if I was unaware of you being a star.
It's hard to recognize a face when it's up an ass that far.
If I was to rate your look; the best is at par.
But you must hold something large and tall
to make you feel superior to the rest of us all.
To people like you I am just one in a crowd
one to be ignored despite my voice raised loud.
So here I'll scream and shout completely obnoxious
in hopes that I don't inhale your air so toxic.
Whether it be pride that drives you, or insecurity
wasting humanity is really such a pity.

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