The Words Left Unsaid

April 6, 2011
I am standing on the edge of a small river
On the other side is my best friend, my sister
We used to be on the same side together
Not anymore.
I blink and the river has become a pond
I can still see her, but I can't hear what she's saying
Is she saying sorry for what she did?
Sorry that she betrayed the very best friend in her life?
Sorry that she changed both of our lives forever?
I shout back "I'm sorry too; Let's work this out"
But my voice is silenced by the wind
I blink and the pond becomes a lake
I can see my friend from a distance
A speck on the shore of a new land I thought we would cross together
Is she saying something?
I stand and simply watch as an all too familiar figure joins her
My heart clenches and releases
Breath pounds against my ribs like waves pounding the shore
As I recognize my best friend's companion as the boy who had my whole entire heart
He grabs her hand and they embrace
Tears flood my eyes and I squeeze them shut so I won't have to see this anymore
I open my eyes again and the lake has been transformed into an ocean
I no longer see my friend or the boy
Only the vast expanse of the sky and sea
Which joins together as one somewhere out on the distant horizon
Only for a moment do I panic
Wondering how I will find my way across this ocean, through the lake, around the pond, and over the river to my friend again
But the ocean is too much, filled with all of our unsaid words
I think back to the river and wish I could have crossed it then
Crossed over to my very best friend
But I didn't.
And now not only is she gone,
But so is our friendship
Sucked away by the growing bodies
Of the words we left unsaid

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tr3bl3grrl said...
Nov. 5, 2011 at 6:42 pm
amazing keep up the awesome work!
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