I will not...

April 27, 2011
I will NOT write about how I wish my life was different
in oh so many ways
How I wish I could for once, change my Father's stubborn ways
Or for once, make him see how happy I am with the guy I refuse to let go...
Fearing that once I let go of his hand I'll never be able to grasp it once again
Even if it's "for the best"

I will NOT write about how my good friend, decided to lie to my face.
How I let her lies slip past me.
And the betrayal feeling that refuses to leave my subconscious.
Now when I hear her whisperings I can't help but wonder what she's keeping from me now

I will NOT write about how I wish I was a suitable role model for my sisters...
A daughter,her parents could actually claim to be proud of...

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