Hate Takes A Lot of Love

April 27, 2011
By sgtc4ever GOLD, Wheatland, Missouri
sgtc4ever GOLD, Wheatland, Missouri
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I kneel on the floor,
Tears falling from my eyes,
I have learned to hate you,
Along with all your lies.

Then why do I still love you?
Why am I still here?
When you ahve broken me,
I still not shed a tear.

People say it's plain to see,
People say it's clear.
That if I just run away,
You would simply disappear.

But nothing was ever simple,
There's nothing clear to see.
I could never run away,
From what was once so dear to me.

I love you but I hate you,
Without you I'd be dead.
But you'll be the death of me,
With all the things you've said.

I know this won't make any sense,
You might misunderstand.
PLease just never leave me,
I hope you understand.

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