War of the Worlds, Apocalypse of the Aliens

April 27, 2011
By collin2014 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
collin2014 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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UFO recognized by farmer.
Other sightings, other names not to be mentioned.
Mysterious shapes in his corn field, attention arising.
Mysterious lights in the night sky, more tension in the air.
Human like creatures roaming, enormous, lengthy, haunting.
What are these creatures? Why have they come?
Unquestionably concerned, everyone on the look out.
With all the evidence, our only explanation is aliens have come.
Continuous sightings.
Everyday growing older more and more sightings appear.
It’s day 54, alien apocalypse has begun, what is to happen to humanity?
The aliens are not even afraid to show there unbegashed faces anymore, life disappearing quickly, who will be next?

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