In This Bed I Lay

April 28, 2011
By Mirrissa16 BRONZE, Bristol, Indiana
Mirrissa16 BRONZE, Bristol, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
" I want love but I also want hate. Without hate love just wouldn't be the same."

In this bed I lay
contemplating all the reasons
I regret that I stayed
thoughts of you
always pull me back
either way I loose
you just don't understand
and every day we fight
to gain the upper hand
in this bed I lay
crying the tears I keep hidden
wanting you to wipe them away
instead when I hear your voice
I quickly dry my eyes
and ready myself for more noise
when really all I wish for
is to tell you that I'm sorry
and nothing more
in this bed I lay
wanting to live in the past
and not a day too late
before the tears
before I felt nothing
before these fears
you make me want to scream
but I always regret
being so mean
in this bed I lay
crying and wishing
I still wanted to stay

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