I'll Admit it

April 6, 2011
By SAngel38 SILVER, Pascagoula, Mississippi
SAngel38 SILVER, Pascagoula, Mississippi
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Let me admit it,
It’s all my fault,
My fault that my hearts broken,
That my tears no longer can run,
To smile seems like a waste,
Death is all id rather chase,
Your right, it’s my fault,
That I no longer care,
Even if blood poured from my wrist,
I doubt id notice,
Yea I know,
You are hurt as well,
Let me guess my fault too,
That you left without a word,
Cursing my very existence,
Yet you have the guts to tell me that I hurt you,
After leaving as I stood in the rain,
Alone, long gone,
I watched you walk away,
Just to listen to you say
It’s my fault,
Know what else I’m to blame,
For that blood dripping down your chest,
That’s pouring from those slits,
Everywhere I’ve cut,
With this dagger I love so much,
I admit I’m happy with it,
Watching you reach out to me for life,
And to dig in the knife,
I don’t mind taking the blahme,
Go ahead I’ve won the game,
Sit here as you scream,
Wait for the drops to stop pouring,
So you said it was my fault,
That you killed my heart,
HAHA, look whose drowning,
In your own pity and misery,
Listen to your moaning,
Yea I’ll take full credit,
After all you said it.

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