April 22, 2011
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Stranded, alone, my heart torn apart
the one I thought I loved ripped my heart to mere shreds
I feel so much pain, it was like she pierced my heart with many poison darts
and now all I can feel is rage, sorrow, and dread.

I'm alone in a world, numbed in ice
yet I suffer agony from where my heart used to be, all that's left is a huge dent
In that very wound, the scorching fire of misery burns me to no extent, it's not so very nice
and when I hear your voice, that fire of all my pain consumes me, until I feel nothing but torment

I'm tormented for ever loving you
and the fact that life throws crap at me doesn't help me at all
I'm tormented everyday and people think it's nothing new
abandoned by everyone, I wish I could just fall

Yet I've not fallen to the dark, I still have light
I'm still nice, calm, and have a heart of good
yet the dark clouds my thinking, wanting me to lose sight
to the point that I loose my mind, going into a bad mood.

Unable to earn my dearest's love
I'm plagued by regrets, my heart is bent
I scorn the existence of man and retreat to my cove
there I suffer alone, under that very plague called torment.

You say it wasn't my fault
yet I still feel blame
so I lock my heart, tight as a vault
and close myself so no one can feel my shame.

When I thought the deed was done
I could finally be free of shame
then my heart was destroyed, almost completely to none
when you went to him, forgetting my very name .

Soon you left me out in the dust
torn to pieces, agony drowning my heart in its flood
I begin to wonder, "Am I suffering for my own lust?"
and then I wonder alone, scars not healing, wounds covered in blood.

Agony makes me hurt and ache
Fear keeps me away from my kin
Nightmares of you keep me awake
Torment makes me tear my skin

I'm tormented to falling prey
to the talons of love
I'm forever tormented, to where nothing is ok
I feel unloved with as many knots in my heart have been wove.

I try to move on from you, you were happy and that's all I could want
yet, when you mention him to me, I wished he was me
Jealousy, anguish, begin to fill my heart, wanting to taunt
until I can't take it, my eyes become red as far as I see.

Possessed by rage, I punch at anything in my sight
until my hand becomes sore or starts to bleed
I want to devastate everything under my might
then, within my mind, I see that this wouldn't be a good deed

So the fire vanishes from my eyes
reason and logic come forth to me
then the pain rushes to me, worse than a false-lover's lies
sorrow plagues my mind, the pain becomes worse than a scraped knee.

I reach out for a soul
someone to help me on my feet
yet, I'm alone in a world, dark as coal
for all I had was you, and everyone passes by me, until my heart freezes to sleet.

There's no one here to ease my pain
no one, except me, to dry my tears
There's no one here to calm me when I go insane
All that's left is torment, sorrow, and my worst fears.

I'm tormented for leaving all
I'm tormented for becoming nothing
Torment has built around my heart a wall
Torment has me wishing people didn't treat me like a thing.

I wish you never left
I just wanted to be with you
I have no more love to heft
I just have torment to take the place of you

I wish there was somebody here to ease this pain
somebody here to stop this torment
please help me, before I strain
somebody ease all my pain, my sorrow, my torment, before I sing my last sad lament...

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