April 21, 2011
By Aly902 SILVER, Eagle Pass, Texas
Aly902 SILVER, Eagle Pass, Texas
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For everything in the world, for everything that has become or will become,
For everything that could’ve been for you and me, for the joy you gave me.
Why did something have to change? Why did we grow apart?
Should there be an answer when you should know very well what it is?
Yes, there should be.
We’ve seen each other from time to time.
We know what we seem to do every morning, and lunch.
Why did we lose it? Why did we not stay in touch? Why did I care too much about you? Why do I still care?
I know why, mixed signals, because you’re my friend, and most of all… I fell in love with you.
I fell in love with a boy who I met in a short period of time, with a boy who told me his life story, with a boy who got to know me better than anyone ever had.
I fell hard without anybody there to catch me.
Why had I? The answer is beyond me.
You left me to lie there and rot with everything else that you have left behind.
Now we don’t speak a single word, not look at each other for more than a minute, and let go of trying to talk to each other.
We moved on, I see that now.
I noticed you moved on quickly than others
So now I take the texts, laughs, memories, and most of all the smiles that you gave me to my next journey.
Now I’ve met someone more deserving of me than you ever did.
I care for you enough to know when to say goodbye, and adieu.

The author's comments:
I had so much of my emotions bottled up, which i know is never a good thing, since it can explode at the worst moment. And it happened that I was dealing through so crush issues so this is the result

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