Now...Live Again

April 21, 2011
By life_love SILVER, Sheridan, Wyoming
life_love SILVER, Sheridan, Wyoming
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Favorite Quote:
"If everybody was satisified with himself there would be no heros"--Mark Twain

Feel the pain: It is the agony of defeat;
It is the tears streaming down your face;
It is the strangled cry as time stops;
It is your heart torn out and bleeding on the ground.
Barely Moving. Barely Breathing.

Feel the pain: It is the end;
It is the light leaving your eyes;
It is the last breath of air taken;
It is you body cold and still on the ground.
Not Moving. Not Breathing.

Feel the pain: It is the beginning;
It is the life entering your body;
It is the hope as time starts;
It is your steps toward the blinding light.
Moving. Breathing.

Now, feel the pain: And start again;
Pull yourself together;
Push forward;
And pick yourself off the ground.
Now, live again.

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