The Wolf

April 21, 2011
By shewolfspirit BRONZE, Goose Creek, South Carolina
shewolfspirit BRONZE, Goose Creek, South Carolina
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In the beginning, when
Man first began to know, into his camp, wandered a Wolf. The Wolf watched the Man cook his meals over his fires, defend his home with his spears. The Wolf wondered why the Man did all this, when the Wolf could all of it himself. He did not require burning fires and sharpened sticks. So why was Man so weak?
The next day, into the camp came a Bear, a beast the Man could not fight alone.
So the Wolf jumped to the Man’s aid, snapping and snarling and drove away the Bear. The Man, frightened, rests his hand upon the Wolf’s dark head. From then on, the Wolf and the Man were inseparable.
So thus the Wolf thought the Man the value of Companionship.
Then the next day, a Horse thundered into the camp, snorting and huffing and terrified. The Wolf stood before the Horse and the Man followed. The Horse knew of the Wolf, but knew not the Man and was frightened. The Wolf whispered the secret, and the Man did as he asked- he presented to the Horse, an Apple. The Horse happily accepted it and thus the Horse, the Man and the Wolf were inseparable. The Horse first allowed the Man to tether him, and plow his fields. Then, allowed the Man to ride upon his back and protect his lands. The Horse taught the Man the value of Strength, inner and outer.

That night, the Man watched the Wolf and the Horse lay side by side, unafraid of another. The Man was puzzled. The Man walked over and laid his hand upon the Wolf and upon the horse. Beneath it, the Man could feel the heartbeat of Wolf and Horse, beating in time with his own. The Horse and the Wolf taught the Man the value of love.
So why does Man now alienate the beings that first taught him to be?

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