April 21, 2011
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The words never burdened my tongue
Who was more than happy to oblige
Curling, twisting, swaying till it’s tied
But my mind?
Oh my mind…
Sinks like quicksand sliding through time
Kept in the hour glass
Like a childhood kept in leather-bound books
Trapping me in-between the pages
And the ages I spent practicing what I’d say
Day to day
If you ever came back.
Where were you?
I hate you.
Now? I’m no longer searching
The words run together
Like a treadmill stuck on increase and incline
Cause every syllable gets harder to push past these broken lips
You left me standing on the jagged rocks
Below the edge of your misfortune
If you let go, I’d catch you
But you fell too fast and at the last
Second you were just out of arms reach
And I can’t hold you and I
The weight too great on these frail shoulders
You pulled me below for one last frantic hug
And as my fingers dug into flesh
You did your best to say “I’m Sorry”
As you breathed the last of you into me
And left me floating to the surface

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