April 6, 2011
By angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
angehuertas27 SILVER, Lake Mary, Florida
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I fall into your arms
As you and I are ice-skating on our deserted lake.
It’s just you and me in our black hole together forever.
All my bad dreams go away
My broken bones finally heal.
And I no longer need the hospital to fix me
You have placed a cast over my heart
Keeping all the pain away
There is no more blood or tears when I’m with you.
You are the medicine that keeps me strong.
But when you’re gone there is a soreness in my stomach
When you’re not there with me.
Scrapes begin to form.
Bruises start to show.
Cuts begin to bleed again.
I limp trying to get back to you
As I slip with every step.
My fragile body slaps against the ground
And I roll down the hill
And dive into our deserted lake.
Where it’s me and you together forever.

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