The Road

April 13, 2011
By choiboy95 BRONZE, Syosset, New York
choiboy95 BRONZE, Syosset, New York
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The Road and Destination

Everyone has a point they want to go to,
A destination
A goal that they set for themselves
And they must take a road in order to get to that destination

One road is paved with gold, but at the end lies a deserted wasteland
Meanwhile, another is long and narrow, a road that only few can take

But these roads are not the only ones available
These roads are in a variety and much too numerous to count at crossroads
Like the number of sand grains on a beach, infinite
The roads are Narrow and Wide
Short and Long
Some take many turns while others are straight

But there is only one road to get from point A to point B
One road to get to the destination
Only one truth
One veritas
And with that one road lies mountains to cross over and pits too jump across
Trials and Tribulations to face
Milestones that are set on that road

And this road is life
With all its winding paths
And all its choices, all its different roads
A person can choose

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