Nature's Beauty

April 5, 2011
Ahhh! The wind starts to heave my worries away.

I am settling in an exotic, alluring forest.

There isn’t one thing to be seen

But the blinding midday sun flickering between branches

I shut my eyes relaxing, and the sun soaked me up.

The giant burning candle of light blanketed me in warmth and joy.

Grasping the air above me

I enjoy the refreshing breeze beginning to gently tussle my hair.

I listen to the lovely harmony of blue jays singing in the distance.

Unexpectedly I felt a few trickles of water fall upon my shoulders.

My eyes shot open wide.

“Is this really happening?” I cried.

I peered out into the spacious sky.

Thoughts were rambunctiously racing through my mind.

Why? Why had it all changed and gone goodbye?

A few more droplets scatter the leaves.

The cooling touch of the rain felt in favor, alright.

Relief had finally found its way to me.

A streak of light uncovered itself from the grey sea floating above me.

The clouds shuffled across the sky.

The candle was once again lit.

Its glow punctured a hole through the atmosphere and poured on in.

I felt captivated again.

Sure Mother Nature can sometimes be a pain.

But nature is truly divine.

Its beauty and essence spreads through the air

Leaving a hard to bear scene inside a luminous lair

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