April 15, 2011
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If you saw me on the street,
You probably wouldn't even notice.
If you saw me getting mugged,
You would probably mutter you obligated apologies.
If you saw that I had died,
You would probably think "oh poor guy",
And continue on your way.
But if you saw me, a man, holding my boyfriend's hand,
Everything would change.
I would no longer be a normal person.
But I would turn into a disgusting freak.
An outcast unworth of your mere humane pity.
But hold on, what has really changed?
I'm still that same passer-by on the street.
I still have five fingers and toes.
A nose, two eyes, two ears, a mouth.
Everything you have,
Except a different target of attraction.
There's a difference inbetween pedophilia and homosexuality.
Martin Luther King was allowed to dream,
To stand for his beliefs,
Why can't I?
Why can't I fight for my own right to live my own life,
In a country that demands equality?
Because remember without that picture,
I was a normal person,

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billlover420 said...
Oct. 8, 2011 at 7:43 pm
this piece is very true people would rater see 2 guys holding guns or weapons other than holding hands its not fair at all
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