Vast Ocean

April 13, 2011
By Karlaemilie GOLD, DPO AA, Florida
Karlaemilie GOLD, DPO AA, Florida
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I step out under the massive navy sky overhead
Like the ceiling of a grand cathedral, dotted with stars
But yet more vast and consuming is the raging sea that lays ahead
So dark and angered and teeming with life, a dangerous monster I fear
So deep, so incredibly deep-it's bottom is almost mythical and even more frightening than what I can see
I stand there, meek, all in my vision is vast
I feel it will swallow me whole and drag me down
Pressure building up around me, the ocean both unaware of and disinterested in my presence
Too concerned with it's own lively existence
Salty and unforgiving-it's smell reeks into the air and travels into the wind
The sea is an enemy of the land-it is so much more complex, so superior-a universe of it's own, revolving around itself, a stranger
I feel unwelcome, overwhelmed and lost
Wondrous and in awe as I stare out towards the horizon
Attempting to envision the opposite shore, somewhere on the face of the planet, but I can not
I can only dream and observe and pretend to belong in a life so strange and unlike my own
The sciences that support the endless life of the ocean, are unbalanced and incapable in my reality
But in the sea they miraculously succeed and allow the ocean to thrive
The air of competition and death roll off the arching waves
Towards my bewildered and wind-battered face
Nothing that I have witnessed or heard of could throw me off course so completely, make me forget my past faith in all the logic and rules that society lives by
The sea has no rules, no expectations
Standards and opinions are of no value in it's eternal depth
I am not a friend, nor at home in this world I know so little of
Yet I can watch from the safety of the shore
As all of the creatures and unknown forms of life who only know of the sea
Live and exist in this fantastic parallel universe
So incomprehensible to me

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