Bottom of a Bottle

April 13, 2011
By SDPE19 SILVER, Batesville, Arkansas
SDPE19 SILVER, Batesville, Arkansas
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With the bottom of a bottle oh so near,
I take another shot and my pain starts to disappear
This isn't right
But it doesn't feel so wrong
Somebody help me
Save my blackened soul
Take these memories away
Maybe then I'll rest at night

One more shot and the bottle is gone
Maybe then I'll be done
I still feel the pain
It's time for another round

Somebody help me
Save me from myself
It's not over yet
But the end is almost here

With the bottom of the bottle oh so near
I take two more shots so my pain will disappear
Help me my love, set me free
Separate my soul from my body
And never look back
With the bottom of the bottle oh so near
I finally start to disappear

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