beauty to burden

April 19, 2011
By susannekhatib BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
susannekhatib BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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standing at your door,
I can’t help but remember
all the smiles,
the kisses,
the carefree nights we’ve shared here.

but those are easy to forget
compared to the heartbreak,
the heartache,
the nights spent
and wishing things were different.

I thought it’d be easy to move on;
but here I am,
tongue in cheek,
your sly words and sorry promises
pulling me back in.

a large part of me believes in you;
but a large part of me knows that I did before, too--
and look what happened.

should I let go,
or should I believe in
all that we could be?

with love there are no guarantees
or promises that can be truly believed
when a heart has been worn down and withered
from a beauty to a burden.

but as I clench my fist
and knock on the door,
I pray that one day I’ll be stronger.

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