April 19, 2011
By cab96 BRONZE, Redwood City, California
cab96 BRONZE, Redwood City, California
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A completely untieable knot
An uncuttable string
A perfectly stainable dot
An endless ring
Two hands held together tight
Two people hoping their best friend will be alright
A rumor here, a rumor there
A touch of gossip
Talking about them without a care
A knife in the back
A surprise attack
An invasion in our brain
That drives us insane
Hot tears run down the cheek
The human heart feels so weak
Nothing in life matters anymore
Nothing for tomorrow waiting in store
Except everything you dread
And everything you fear
Except the people who talk behind your back
Except the acquaintances you lack
Who are just waiting to attack
But instead, the light shines on your face
Showing mercy, open arms, and grace
forgiven, set free
Depression gone, for once feeling happy
And through the light I can see...
My best friend

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