Family love?

April 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Family loves us
because they have to
but do they really?
family says they care
but hardly show it
no one can tell me why?
family judges like the rest
covering it up to the best
of their twisted abilities.
When family is mad
you should run.
I can tell you this
its not all in family fun.
Some people love their kids
Some people toss them away
but does love have a meaning?
does it even exist?
in families around the world
that is the debate
some are hated
and some are 'loved'
but can anyone tell me
for sure?
Can family love be pure?

The author's comments:
Hey everyone, this piece is my view on family. My cousin has 4 kids and he picks and chooses the ones he loves and the ones he doesn't. I think its wrong, and disgusting. I don't know if a family can love... its a mystery. One I'm not sure not sure anyone knows. i guess it depends on what sort of family you got. Thank you for reading this piece, i hope you like it.

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