The Way This Sounds

April 13, 2011
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Show me an expression that I haven’t seen before

Anticipation runs deep, your eyes run deep

I want you the way that no one is capable of,

The way that no one can think to want anyone

As is water, you are fresh, touched.

I search for a way to meet ways,

Ways that weren’t existing ahead of you.

Blurry and exciting and tasteless!

We are not up to the social standards

I find that perfectly unacceptable

And how I can’t seem to push you away

And how I wouldn’t know where that way would go.

Your lips move in motions I can hear

Naturally, like breathing and no balance in this world.

It even sounds false to me,

But I think that’s what makes this lovely

I find it frightening that I am scared

Scared to meet you, get to know the equation of you

And these cliché similes can’t be lies

Because I am not possible of that level of deception

From what I have seen so far,

Your voice is piercing,

Your eyes say I am too.

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