April 13, 2011
By LovelostLove SILVER, Kennesaw, Georgia
LovelostLove SILVER, Kennesaw, Georgia
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Knowing my history it should be easy for you to see
The little things you do bother me…
I’ve loved you always
Fell out of love with you some days, months, years aways
Some days I wish things will go back to the way it was
Sometimes I wish the things I did was enough

Knowing I care for you and always will
I feel this relationship is like trudging up a steep hill
One minute we laugh, joke, and talk like everything’s cool
The next you have me sitting there like a fool
I think of the good times we have and had
And now look back and try to figure out how it all went bad
Knowing my history I wish you could see how very hard this is for me...

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