April 20, 2011
You promise the only way to bring peace
is to push to the brink of war
But have you looked over the edge of the brink?
Do you know about a nuclear winter, the red zones
reduced to rubble?
The duck-and-cover drills that ring every fifty
eight minutes, replacing the deaf tone of the bell
The same bell that once represented the routine of peace
Replaced by the routine of war
But there is no routine in war
Just insanity.
Thus we embrace the routine of insanity
as we stand up against the brink
But this will bring us our peace
A long-lived peace that we’ll enjoy
thoroughly; until we ourselves are pushed
to the brink.

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WinterFairy said...
May 19, 2011 at 9:30 pm
And ain't that the truth.....
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