April 20, 2011
Today I will be free, free from myself
Free from the world around me.
Since I am free I can hear the whispers of death,
Death may be the end of one life but is a beginning to another.
My mom told me goodnight and inside I knew she meant goodbye.
Lying here, in this bed, I remember when I wasn’t sick.
When I used to sing and dance, laugh and goof off,
The grades I had loved and the ones I hated.
This life before me had ended when I became sick.
Sick of the world and the world became sick of me.
Today is another day, tomorrow I will be another person gone from this black abyss.
This is my day. My last day, for you to see me happy. If I say goodbye now, I know you will try to stop me from leaving. This is my day, my last day to shine.

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