Who Am I?

April 13, 2011
I am the happy, go-lucky girl,
Who has a lot more to her than what is on the outside.
I am the one who has experienced both easy and hard times,
The one that has frequently broken down, but has managed to get back up.

I am the German accent that makes the sound “e”,
A heritage reminder every time I write my name.
I am the Jewish religion,
Wearing a Jewish star around my neck everyday.

I am the attempt at a child model,
Taking picture after picture in endless outfits with my makeup and hair all “dolled up”
I am the sun light that makes the picture perfect,
Between 4:45 and 5:15… the sunset.

I am the 88 piano keys that make a beautiful unique noise,
Sharps and flats, knowing every single trill and jazz scale there is, since I was six sitting on the piano bench every night.
I am the Palisades Mall,
My first piano performance for a huge crowd; a moment that will stick out in my mind forever.

I am my sister, my best friend, my other half,
Painting nails, french braiding, and eating peanut butter while crying to “A Walk to remember”.
I am the seven Harry Potter movies,
The movies that my sister and I bond over constantly.

I am the little brown haired- blue eyed girl at the tennis courts,
Running around Life-Plex knowing every staff person there.
I am every tennis instructor my brother has worked with,
“Alex, if you want to be a professional tennis player you can’t be as stiff as cardboard”

I am my spunky, high end, always complaining grandma,
“Zoe, it’s way too cold out… let’s just stay inside for a little longer”
I am the ancient family pictures from Germany,
That reminds my grandmother of her childhood everyday.

I am my 7276 Amber Falls Lane, Boynton Beach, Florida.
Running around the development acting like I own the world.
I am my grandparents aging,
The bitter-sweet feeling of it all.

I am my best friend, who was hospitalized,
Sitting day after day trying to make the best of it.
I am those long nights, avoiding the thought,
But under it all still coming back in my mind.

I am the lunch spot where it all happens,
The fourteen girls chattering and gossiping.
I am the nail polish colors, straightners, and clothing,
The topics that pull my friends together after drama filled nights.

I am the big eight houses that border each other,
Penny Lane being the smallest street on Spook Rock Road.
I am the six mothers that get together ever Wednesday for Majjan,
The gossip, bagel boys raps, and three bottles of Diet Coke.

I am the six kids that have been best friends since we were born,
Practically siblings, yet not blood related.
I am myself, Alex, Molly, Daniel, Deuce, and Adam,
Making jokes about our parents and planning family vacations that almost never happen.

I am myself and not one other person,
Strong opinionative and tough to convince.
I am dramatic, emotional, and sensitive,
Some of my many flaws that lead me to get caught up in drama very easily.

I am an adult,
Who is living in a fourteen year olds body.
I am smart decisions and choices which make me seem older then I am,
Yet still at the teenager aspect of procrastination and hormones.

I am the spitting image of my parents,
Both looks and ethical decisions I follow.
I am what my parents make me,
The courageous, strong, compassionate girl I am.

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