The Bad Life's Consequence

April 15, 2011
By bananaking BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
bananaking BRONZE, West Palm Beach, Florida
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"I did not tell half of what I saw, for I knew I would not be believed." Marco Polo on his deathbed.

The Bad Life’s Consequence
A life could end, swift with ease,
I never knew it happen to me.

All of a sudden, taller then a tree,
I see a sign that says ‘paradise’; I think “this can’t happen to me!”

All at once, as bright as a star,
There sat St. Peter, my mind in awe by far.

He told the Angel, “Show him the life of he,
Show him what he has done to all and to me.”

I was then sent to a room with two seats; one for the Angel, one for me.
I then see a projector and think “It will be like a movie.”

The lights dim down, the machine goes on,
The movie played, all my life, this shouldn’t be going on.

All the horror, all the regret, all the dread,
What have I done, I guess I deserve to be dead.

After the movie, my mind full of shame,
St. Peter told the Angel; “Open the Book of Life and try to find his name.”

“He is not here, LORD.” That’s all I heard,
“Angel, take him to the Pool of Fire, till Then he will burn.”

And after all of this, I wish I could repent,
But I know where I am going, to where all who have sinned are sent.

The author's comments:
A book in the Bible is my inspiration and I hope people who on the wrong track fix themselves before its to late.

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