Art Upon A Stormy Night

April 3, 2011
By Courtttt BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
Courtttt BRONZE, Norwalk, Ohio
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The rain tapping on my window
Was like a nightmare
---Recurring in my head every night.
And though I was hot,
Sweating, even,
My heart was cold;
Shivers chilled my spine.
The rain drops haunted me
--Once a puddle,
Now millions of separate drops.
Scattering around
Floating through the air.
With no one to catch them,
They fell,
Down and down.
Splattering the Earth
With their blood-stained paint
---Painting a picture of pain.
The Earth was their canvas,
Their past—the motive
And I was their inspiration,
I was their inspiration
To create
Over and again

The author's comments:
From this piece, I really just went with my heart. This is truly about my past mistakes and all the hurt that I have been through. The "once a puddle, now millions of separate drops" is telling of my past relationships. The puddle is like two friends, together and happy, and the separate drops is them, grown apart. I hope people can relate to my poem from their own experiences and really understand how I feel. :)

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