Truth of the Night

April 3, 2011
The darkness outside
Should be lulling me to sleep
Yet it only succeeds in keeping me awake,
Curiosity haunting my dreams

How completely beautiful this world looks
Cloaked in a common grey hue
Blacks and whites merge into one
And all our differences
Come undone

We all need warm blankets
To protect us from the cold
And a soothing cool breeze
When summer's day
Has taken its toll

We all need filled stomachs
Before we rest
A safe shelter, a calm mind
And a warm bed

A smile on every face
As the day bids farewell
New hopes and new dreams
No worries on which to dwell

The moon comes out,
Stars blanketing the sky
Trapping us in a black dome
Miles high

Clouded in this night
Would you be able to tell
It you were dark
And I was light,
It you were black
And I was white?

We think we can't see
In the absence of light
But in fact we see best
Without our sight

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