Hope for a Cure

April 3, 2011
By , Norwalk, OH
Trying to get up,
But you cannot.
You try and try a million times,
But you still cannot.
You have hope for your future,
Will that hope ever come true?
You dream about the things you used to do,
But when you wake up you cannot.
You remember running, walking, and riding your bike,
But you cannot.
You remember driving,
Now you cannot.
You move on four wheels with a little motor to power it.
This is your way of mobility.
You wish you could walk again and be more independent,
But you cannot.
You wonder how you got this way,
Even more why you got this way.
You do not understand.
A close friend saying he wishes he could take it away from you.
But he sadly cannot.
You hope this will end and you are cured.
You put your hope in the future.

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