Angel's Blunder

April 12, 2011
He sat in the dark as people passed by
They soon would be prey,
They knew not why.
His wings were clipped his legs were broke,
A man walked by and this he spoke:

I once was an angel
Big and bright,
I loved the Lord
With all my might.
But something happened
I cannot say
How I ended up this way.
I got jealous,
Wanted more,
No longer zealous
At the core.
I hated to sing,
I wanted my own.
I challenged the King
For the throne.
I committed a crime
The worst kind.
Without a dime,
Only my mind,
I fled.
Astonished the man looked on in wonder,
Wished to avoid this angel's blunder.
As he started to depart,
He felt an arrow pierce his heart.
The fallen angel had a hold,
His step he took was yet so bold.
The man had fallen to the ground,
The color black was all around.
As the demon drew him near,
The man began to swell in fear.
Satan had him in his claws,
Opened wide his awful jaws.
And all of a sudden out of the blue,
Came a figure, down it flew.
Freezing Satan where he stood,
Pulling back his pale white hood,
Was Jesus.

Oh how bright the light had shined,
Darkness fled to hide behind,
The savior, oh so kind.

His body was perfect spare two small scars,
One on each hand of the man from the stars.
Without a sound, they left the ground.
The long lost sheep had now been found.
They flew the skies for many hours,
Over the fields and through the flowers.
The man was back to life anew,
Jesus' final words were few,
The man then said, as if on cue:
I Love You Too.

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