For Barry

April 12, 2011
My brother is
He has a great sense of
answers my questions
He says he can fly,
says he loves laundry,
he wants to be a pirate ship captain,
a smile on his face
Running a hand through his hair
Thinking of some other
Response to my questions.
He’s worried Vietnam will never end
Is sad that 30 Rock is returning to NBC.
I laugh, and he does too,
We both know he’s only kidding.
He stops to tell a story
I listen, and
Laugh again, while I ask another
If he could change anything,
He wants his toes to lose weight
He says it seriously at first,
cracks a grin,
struggles to remain serious
Despite the wave of laughter
erupting through him.
He who can’t be taken seriously,
My brother,

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