Blessed with Eyes

April 11, 2011
With a impulse surging through the mind eyes close, open…blink
Such a contrast.
When closed
My body melts inward,
My vision is flooded with darkness,
As vibrant flashes of red and electric blue dance
Speckles of yellow explode in remembrance of recently seen light.
My lashes flutter a single whip and the sight rushes
When open
Light sparks the color that paints the beauty I can see.

Green, the color of summer grass swirling in pale sage.
Blue, the color of calm ocean waters splashing with midnight sky.
Hazel, the color of bronze glistening with tinges of tree bark.
Brown, the color of smooth chocolate twinkling with black sea.

Graced with tears when swarmed with sadness.
Caressed by the foot of a crow when crinkled with laughter.
Dangling with droopiness when swayed by age.

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