forget and forgive

April 12, 2011
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If I told you,

I love you

then I'll be lying

If I told you

I hate you

Am I not lying then?

Tell me, then

Forget and Forgive, you say

Shall I forget you or forgive you, then?

Can I really forget my own father?

Forgive you, then I'm bound

To a life of regret and hate

My literal being of existence will dimnish

into darkness, fading until it's a tiny dot in the sky

Forget you, then I'm nothing but a lost lingerer

like a dead soul

Shall I then forgive you?

But how do I forgive you?

Do I forgive you for not caring enough,

or for caring too much sometimes.

Shall I forgive you then for your words of anger

or forr your words of softness.

Shall I then pick up the broken shards we left over?

How do I forget then the bruises from those broken shards?

Do I pretend then?

Can I start my life anew?

Can I turn back the clock?

Forget you, I cannot

Forgive you, I cannot

Bound then I am

In this endless cycle

you and I created.

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