Plants VS Humans

April 18, 2011
By Tristan Urling SILVER, McCook, Nebraska
Tristan Urling SILVER, McCook, Nebraska
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Plants in a way are like humans
Each created for a different purpose in life to fulfill
Some plants are made to cure burns, cuts or health issues
Others are created to keep insects away
Or just purely made for their erotic smells, colors, and designs
As are humans
Each of us are created in our own unique way
All are meant to achieve something great in our life time
Not that all of us do but we all make an impact on someone’s life
Some people grow to be doctors and their occupations lead up to curing burns, cuts, or health issues maybe even cure cancer one day
Others grow up to become exterminators
Or we are purely made for our looks for modeling,
sensible color patterns for maybe becoming interior designer, or our fashion designs
In a way plants and humans have a lot in common
Yes we do actually eat and we don’t go through photosynthesis
But we are all created by God and through the help of Jesus Christ

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